Just some of the clients and customers that I've provided with website and other digital services.

Acu-Vib website on desktop computer

Acu-Vib Electronics

For this client, I transitioned them off 3 separate websites and domains built on Wix to one centralised WordPress website for all their products and content. The project included setup, design, development, content migration, testing, launch and training.

I continue to provide ongoing changes and support including assisting with social media and digital marketing.

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Automatic Happiness website on desktop computer

Automatic Happiness

This was a simple eCommerce website build on WordPress. With most of the design already provided, I was able to get this website up and running within a month. The website uses a combination of the WooCommerce, Stripe and Shippit plugins to operate the eCommerce store. Go order their coffee today!

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Aquabliss Beach House website on desktop computer

Aquabliss Beach House

This was a completely fresh website build. From sitting down and talking about requirements, IA and design, I was able to put together wireframes that eventually turned into a real-life website. The owners of this amazing beach house continue to make changes and updates on the website themselves through the WordPress website. The booking system is also integrated with AirBnB as well as Stayz.

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Aden Simpson website on desktop computer

Aden Simpson

Unlike other projects, I didn't have much to do with this website. For my dear friend Aden I migrated him off to his own instance on my hosting. This allowed him to lose the ads on his website as well as allow for more flexibility with his website. I continue to provide some technical support on occasion.

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Check out some of the side projects I'm working on in my spare time.

Workout Tracker website on phone computer

Workout Tracker

Very much a work-in-progress. I built this just to keep track of my progress with (mostly) weights at the gym. Currently it's a very simple website where you can plan your workout and then record your sets as you go. It will let you know if you've beaten a previous record and what percentages you might want to work towards.

Looking to add graphs, achievements, personalisation and a lot more features to it before eventually turning it into a mobile app.

Check out my Workout Tracker