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Acu-Vib Electronics beautiful and fully responsive.

Acu-Vib Electronics needed a much needed update on their website. There was 3 different domains spanning across 2 platforms. I was able to undertake a complete new WordPress build with a fresh theme. The project included migrating off old systems and bringing across all the content from the platforms. The project included setup, design, development, content migration, testing, launch and training.

Today, I continue to provide ongoing changes and support including assisting with digital marketing like email newsletters and advertising.

Showcase website Acu-Vib Electronics

Our Services

Full Website Build

Full website build from start to finish. Perfect for those who want to finally get started or want to start again with something fresh.

WordPress Setup

Get up and running with WordPress or another platform installed so you can begin customising your website with your choice of theme.

Ongoing Support

Be confident in what has been built or developed for you with support available. Perfect if you're still developing your website skills.

Platform Migration

Need to migrate from an existing server or platform? I can upgrade you and have you running on a new platform in no time.

Content Migration

Migrating content can be time consuming and laborious. Allow me to do your content migration for you and continue on with what you love doing.

Other Development

One-off job or development needed? Stuck on something technical? Let me know what you want done and I'll let you know what I can do.


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Choose Your Platform

Choosing a platform is not always as straight forward as it might first seem. WordPress is the obvious choice for bloggers but depending on your requirements and budget, there are a lot of different choices.

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The Workout Tracker was built to keep track of my progress with weights at the gym. Currently it's a very simple website where you can plan your workout and then record your sets as you go. It will let you know if you've beaten a previous record and what percentages you might want to work towards.

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